Remove the cauliflower leaves

Remove the cauliflower leaves

Hi Giulio

In my opinion there is no need to cut the leaves during cauliflower growth. The "head" of the cauliflower is formed surrounded by leaves and rightly so, the leaves also have the task of repairing and shading the center of the cauliflower, preventing the ball from turning yellow.

Light is important

Light is very useful for leaves for photosynthesis, but I don't think it serves the head of this cabbage. If all the leaves are removed, there is a risk that the cauliflower exposed to sunlight will darken and remain less tender, especially if the garden is in full sun and if it is located in a particularly hot climate.

The cauliflower

For this reason I would advise against removing the leaves, but mine is only a theory, since I have never tried to do it. If you are curious, you can try to grow more than one cauliflower plant, removing the leaves of only some specimens, in order to check if, as I think, the ball darkens or if, as you assume, the vegetable grows.

If you carry out this experiment then go back to tell how it went, you can do it in the comments at the bottom of this page. I'd be really curious to know.

If you need more information on this vegetable you can find it in the article dedicated to how to grow cauliflower. A greeting and good crops!

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