Agricultural: a board game on the farming world

Agricultural: a board game on the farming world

Today I'm talking about a boxed game that will not fail to conquer all cultivation enthusiasts: Agricola by Uwe Rosenberg, proposed in Italy by Uplay. Forget the billionaire affairs of Monopoly or the bloody wars of Risk, here it is about humble work in the fields. This fun board game in fact simulates the management of a farm: you can plow the land, sow it with wheat, or fence in pastures where you can raise cows, wild boars or sheep. It is necessary to feed family members, cut wood, find the resources necessary to build: in short, it is the life of a traditional peasant family.

The game system is very interesting because it excludes the random factor: in Agricola the dice are never rolled, the outcome of the game is linked to the choices of the players and not to fate. It is a management-type strategic game, where you decide how to employ your workers in order to make the farm produce the best.

Agricola has become a cult game known all over the world, it is a complex board game with many cards and different expansions. Learning to play is not easy and it takes a few games to get started and get into the logic of the game.
Fortunately there is also Agricola Famiglia, a simplified but not trivial version, suitable for those who, like myself, play occasionally.

How to play Agricola

At first glance, the game seems complex even in this simpler version: it doesn't look like any of the most popular board games and has a great variety of possible actions. In reality, playing is easier than what you imagine by reading the rules: the board is very intuitive, everything is explained with very clear symbols, always visible during the game. It takes a couple of rounds of to familiarize yourself and the game is immediately exciting.

The game is competitive: players can hinder each other with the various moves and at the end of the game the score will decide who did better, however everyone works to build their own company. This is why by playing everyone has the satisfaction of having developed the farm, there is a winner but there are no losers, this makes Agricola a great game to play with the family or for an evening with friends.

Review by Matteo Cereda

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